"tl;dr for d3.js"

tld3.js is a lightweight library that makes building reusable d3.js graphs in React much simpler.

tl;dr: Creating a bar chart is as simple as:

import Data from './data.jsx';
// tl;dr
const MyChart = () => {
  return (
      <div className="container">

export default MyChart;

Why use tld3.js for React?

  • Powerful: tld3.js for React let's you create powerful data-driven visualization in React
  • Easy-to-use: As simple as importing a module and rendering it in your component
  • Customizable: The API provides users with various ways to customize the charts to best suit their needs by simply passing in props

Chart types

We currently support the following types of charts:

  • Bar chart
  • Left bar chart
  • More coming soon!

Thank you

We hope you enjoy tld3.js for React. We'd love to answer any questions, fix any bugs and add additional tl;dr features!