"tl;dr for d3.js"

tld3.js is a lightweight library that makes building d3.js graphs much simpler. It abstracts the intricacies of d3.js while harnessing the power of its data-driven DOM manipulation.

tl;dr: Creating a bar chart in tld3.js is as simple as:

// tl;dr :)

Why use tld3.js?

  • Powerful: tld3.js rides on d3.js's powerful visualization and data-driven DOM manipulation capabilities
  • Easy-to-use: tld3.js offers an extremely simple and expressive syntax
  • Flexible: tld3.js is flexible enough to work with several different data formats, including csv, tsv, JSON and even Firebase!
  • Customizable: The API offers various ways to customize the charts to best suit your needs
  • Minimal API surface area: tld3.js only requires that you learn a handful of methods before you're on your way to making beautiful graphs
  • tl;dr: Tooltips and transitions automagically included!

What is tld3.js not good for?

  • Complex physics based d3.js components or animations
  • Brushing, zooming and filtering of selections using built in stateful d3 tools
  • Anything that requires a lot of DOM mutation, events, timers or internal state

Chart types

We currently support the following types of charts:

  • Bar chart
  • Left bar chart
  • Line chart
  • Multi-line chart
  • Area chart
  • Scatter chart
  • Donut chart

Thank you

We hope you enjoy tld3.js. We'd love to answer any questions, fix any bugs and add additional features!

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